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Ego - 18' Tiltbed

JIMGLO Ego the tiltbed trailer

JIMGLO Trailers has done it again!  We have improved upon the ever popular JIMGLO TiltBed Trailer.  You ask, how is that possible?  It's already the "quickest, simplest loading trailer ever!".  Well, we are constantly looking for ways to improve and innovate to make our line of trailers even better.  With that said, we have put the JIMGLO TiltBed on a diet, and she has lost an amazing 600 pounds.  Introducing the JIMGLO Ego, the tilt bed trailer by JIMGLO, which is built using aircraft grade aluminum instead of steel which was used in all previous versions.  Weighing in at just over 1100 pounds, we were able to keep all the great features and benefits our "raving fans" have come to expect.  Hey, we are car guys, and all we build are car trailers!

Tilt Bed Trailer


Couldn't BAny Easier TLoad

Quickest, simplest loading trailer ever!  Simply release one lever, the bed tilts.  As you drive on, the bed levels and locks into place.  Secure your car and you’re done.  In the words of Street Rodder Magazine, the JIMGLO Ego “couldn’t be any easier to load”.

Tilt Bed Trailer


Don't Hassle with Ramps

The need for ramps is eliminated with the JIMGLO Ego.  It operates on a 2 frame system, the bed frame and the chassis frame.  The frames operate in unison but separate from one another.  Loading the tilt bed trailer is made easy with the extra-low ramp angle allowing clearance for the lowest of cars.

Tilt Bed Trailer


Never Crawl Out Your Car Window, Again!

Easy exit means no more climbing out your car window.  Removable fenders make it easy to open your door and step out of your car.  If ground clearance is not your major concern, but you would like to have the fenders low enough to open your doors over them, we can help design a tilt bed trailer to meet your needs.

Tilt Bed Trailer


Towable with Pickup or SUV

Experience effortless towing due to our revolutionary design which takes the guesswork out of finding the perfect location on your trailer in which to tie your car down.  The 2 frame system distributes the weight evenly, precisely where it needs to be, creating extremely stable towing unlike any trailer you will ever experience.  In the words of Street Rodder when towing a '31 roadster pickup at highway speeds, we "could barely tell it was there".

Tilt Bed Trailer


Make A Statement

Let's face it, none of us created our automotive masterpieces to blend in.  Every one of us have invested countless hours of time and money to express ourselves and stand out from the crowd.  You deserve a tilt bed trailer that shows the same dedication for excellence.  Each JIMGLO Ego tilt bed trailer is hand crafted using top quality materials, the latest innovation, and years of experience.  All this combined with our engineering know-how makes the line of JIMGLO Trailers truly extraordinary, which allows you to make a statement without saying a word.


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