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Specialty & Custom Built Trailers

Diamond C Series

Window Shield

Have you ever wondered, is it still back there? If so, the “window-shield” is for you. Diamond C builds this custom shield using Lexan on a steel frame.

Custom Tool Boxes

This 31FMAX has a custom built lockable tool box between the neck uprights, complete with racks for chains and boomers.

Mid-Deck for Antique Tractors

The base model for this trailer is the 47MD, Mid-deck. This custom MD was spec’d with an oak floor, and three stand up ramps for loading antique tricycle tractors.

Galvanized Trailers

This is a hot dip galvanized 26SSA. Diamond C has the ability to hot dip galvanize almost every product we build, up to 40’ long. The rust, scratch, and chip proof galvanized finish is undoubtedly the most durable trailer finish available.

Oak Floor & 15K Axles

This custom 31FMAX was spec’d and built for a heavy commercial user, complete with Heavy Duty 15K Dexter Axles and an Oak Floor.

Straight Deck with 15K Axles

Another 31FMAX with Heavy Duty 15K Dexter Axles. This 31FMAX is a straight deck, painted bright red to stand out from the crowd.

Ultimate Hunting Trailer

The ultimate hunting rig for two ATV’s and one UTV. This trailer is the base model 15MDU, plus offset dual bi-fold side ramps gates, rear tractor ramp gate, a storage box in the tongue, expanded metal enclosed sides, and a full camouflage paint scheme.

Multi-Vehicle Trailer

The 36’ multi vehicle carrier seen here was custom built for hot-shotting vehicles around the country. It has multiple tie-down points for hauling 1 or 2 cars, and a 10,000# payload capacity.

Utility Tilt-Bed with ATV Ramps

Base model 10ST built in a full-bed tilt configuration with ATV ramps, color-matched to the owner’s vehicle.

12CHS Electric-Over-Hydraulic Tilt

For ultimate versatility, this customer spec’d the model 12CHS as a full-bed electric-over-hydraulic tilt with 5200# axle upgrade package. Excellent options for an auto transporter.

Fast Toy Hauler

Fast toys for all. This toy hauler started with the car hauler model 12CHS, plus a 48” bi-fold ramp gate, 2,000# electric jack, rock shield, extra tie downs, and Pingle wheel chocks. Very cool rig.

30f max custom gooseneck trailers Aluminum Clad 30FMAX with Racks

This 30FMAX is one of 4 specially designed and custom built for an Environmental Services Co.

Telecommunications Trailer

This model 12CHS-L18 was ordered with specially designed storage boxes for housing tele-communications equipment. The trailer features stabilizer jacks, conduit for wiring installed to customer specifications, a dish pedestal mount and more. This trailer is being used by a government agency for its remote tele-communications.

12chs l18 custom tandem axle satellite trailers

11chw priefert cattle trailers
Fleet Trailers

Priefert Manufacturing also located in Mt. Pleasant Texas is the Premier Leader in Cattle Handling and Ranch Equipment. They utilize a variety of Quality built Diamond C Trailers in their daily operations. Shown are an 11CHW and an 18EEQ gooseneck featuring special equipment provided by Priefert and installed to their specifications at our plant. These trailers are just part of a fleet of these models being pulled over the Nations Highways by Prieferts sales force. Also shown are 3 custom built 53 ft. Drop-deck floats used in Prieferts shipping Dept.

16EDU-L20 custom tandem axle utility   16EDU l20 custom tandem axel utility trailers
Half & Half Paint

No, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. This 16EDU-L20 was special ordered with a split paint job, 1/2 implement green and the other half safety blue, talkin about different!

12chs custom street rod antique race car carriers haulers   12chs custom street rod antique race car haulers carriers trailers
Two-Tone Deluxe Car Hauler

Our popular 12CHS has the looks to compliment even the nicest Street Rod, Antique Car, or Race Car. This Custom 12CHS features the following options: Aluminum tread-brite fenders, Rock shield, Chrome wheels, Pickup style bed liner sprayed on floor, 360 degree swivel "D" rings and Custom chrome yellow paint with automotive hardener for durability.

custom race car carriers

Color Matched Corvette Trailer

12CHS-L18 shown with Custom Bright Aqua Metallic paint that matches the Generation IV Corvette sitting on it.

Mini Tilt

This custom 12CHS was built to fit a Mini Cooper. We used a cushioning hydraulic cylinder to make the trailer a tilt bed and 4" drop axles. The classic Mini Cooper sitting less that 3 1/2 inches off the ground was successfully loaded with ease!

mini cooper tilt bed hydrualic trailers

custom street car racer box vega wheels

Color-Matched Drag Race Rig

Diamond C Trailers sponsored this awesome looking trailer that is used to haul this Vega to drag strips around East Texas. Pictured with beautiful color coordinated paint and racer box with custom wheels.

royal purple lubricants kenny ferguson gooseneck flatbed trailers generator mounts toolbox

Mobile Oil Change Trailer

Pictured is Kenny Ferguson of Triple K Lubricants, an authorized distributor for Royal Purple Synthetic Lubricants. Kenny's custom creation is a 17 MEQ with a special built toolbox, oil drum restraint brackets, generator mount and an awesome royal purple paint job. Kenny says he loves the overall quality and features and especially likes the way his trailer pulls and handles.

Green = Landscape

Special colors? No problem! Pictured is a custom built landscape trailer painted 69 model Super Bee Green.

custom landscape trailers

Fleetneck Tire Trailer

Pictured is a Custom built 24' trailer for hauling Truck tires, the trailer has 8000 lb. axles and vacuum over hydraulic brakes along with other various options.

custom fleetneck tire haulers 8000 lb axles vacuum over hydraulic brakes

4mt custom motorcycle trailers large bikes trikes

Big Trike Trailer

For larger than average " Bikes or Trikes ", how about this Custom 4MT motorcycle trailer built in a 14' tandem axle version featuring the optional aluminum diamond plate rock shield. The application possibilities for this style of trailer are numerous, including small race cars, Legends cars, etc.. Show your " Ride " off on a 4MT Custom Hauler!

100th Anniversary Edition 4MT L10CS

Check out this haulin' machine built to match the owners 100th Anniversary Harley Davidson Edition motorcycle and truck. This custom 4MT-L10CS has a two tone (black and silver), clear coated paint job, and extra special chrome wheels that really set it off!

harley davidson edition motorcycle trailers

rockshield spray in bed liner trailors

Spray-in Bed-liner Wrapped 4MT L10CS

This customer wanted to protect the paint on his rockshield from rock chips and add a little more traction to the floor of his 4MT-L10CS. The solution was spray-in bed liner. We masked off the trailer and then had the floor and the lower portion of the rock shield covered with spray-in bed liner. The result was a great looking finish and great durability!


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